Nikos Voyiatzis

Seminars for educators

Archives in transit2. from the world of libraries to artificial intelligence and the environment, With Elias Stouraitis
Archives in transit. from the world of libraries to artificial intelligence
Digital competencies for adults
Digital creativity in education
Digital cultural heritage and education
Museums and education
Museums and cultural landscapes
Instructing algorithmic citizens

Workshops in art exhibitions

Into the Uknown:a journey into science fiction, Onassis Cultural Center
Tomorrows: urban fictions, OCC
Hybrids, OCC
Digital Revolution, OCC

Workshops in art-technology festivals

Net art and science, Athens Science Fest
Search interface as magician, Athens Science Fest
Audiovisual experiments in the browser,

Web cultures and archiving workshops

Archive, memory, new forms of community
Remixing Macbeth with 3d user generated content archives, British Council.With Locus Athens
Reconstructing familiar spaces with user generated content webarchives
Online archeology. Websites and archives
Imagine a world- Constructive reading of the future through material of the past, OCC

Workshops in libraries-archives

Collage, remix, appropriation and the archive, With Maria Varela
Archives in transit. from the world of libraries to artificial intelligence, OCC, With Chris Vrettos, George Voutos, Nikol Godsil, Mariana Zikou, Maria Varela and Elias Stouraitis.
Cavafy and New media. Kavafy Archive. With Thodoris Chiotis.
Digital self and web literacies,
Remixing websites, With Maria Varela and Mozilla Reps
Virtual Tours club
Navigating the digital ocean

Other workshops

Participary control, archiving, and the new electronic normal-soon
Net art workshops
Reading group in digital culture
William Morris, creative commons and IP
Monthly workshop on digital culture and collaborative practises
Cultural heritage objects and appropriaton. Reexhibition. With Lilly Kotsira.

Lectures and presentation

2021. From lists to datasets. WDKA Academy Rotterdam
2020. From community archives to post digital folklore. Biennale of western balkans
2018. Cameras in boiler room. Listing technologies and participatory surveillance in the current electronic scene. Anthropology of Visual Culture, Panteion University-
2017. The politics of the database/ Listing technologies. A podcast with Kenneth Werbin, Miriam Rasch, Nikos Voyiatzis and Geert Lovink. Institute of Networked cultures.
2014. Platform As Gallery: Subjective spaces. Share this- art on social networks. Stedelijk Museum, Het Neuwe Institute, The Netherdlands Institute for Sound and Vision and Upload Cinema.
2010. The construction of the self in the postinformation age. Audiovisual posthumanism : aesthetics, cultural theory and the arts. University of the Aegean and Erfurt University.

Design and production of educational material

Archives in transit:toolkit for educators. Editor and co author with Elias Sturaitis and Mariana Zikou.
CULTTips,Cultural heritage in primary education: innovative teaching practices. Editor, author with .

nikos.vv at gmail dot com