Nikos Voyiatzis

educational design portfolio

Net art and science

A workshop for OCC and Athens Science Festival.

In this workshop we will explore the dynamics between art and science and create collaborative browser based narratives examining net art and scientific practises.

- Links:, Photo By Leonidas Panagopoulos

Traditionally, the artist and the scientist are representing two different worlds. While the scientist should always be objective, using approved methods and available technological tools to capture and analyze reality, the artist had to remain subjective in order to deconstruct the prevalent methods or to invent new. Today, we observe the convergence and hybridization of these two roles. We will approach this juxtaposition starting from the first photographic techniques to the digital computers, developments that led to the birth of digital arts and determined the progress of science in the last two centuries.

- Participants: highschool students.- Date: Spring 2017

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