Nikos Voyiatzis

educational design portfolio


Workshop series commissioned by OCC- Stegi in Athens.

In this workshop series participants explore net art as a main theme, through a cultural and technological perspektive. On the way, they appropriated methods of net.artists to produce collaborative web works. and jodi's OSS, two oldschool net art projects

Workshop modules:
- Net art and databases
- Net art and (search) interfaces
- Net art and gifs
- Net art glitch
- Mouchette, Jan Robert Leegte, Constant Dullart, Rosa Menkman, JOAK, Glitchr,Artyom Kocharyan, Thereisamajorprobleminaustralia, Tight Artists, Nick Briz, A Bill Miller, Lev Manovich, Nick Montfort.

work by participants
- Participants: aged 13 - 19 - Date: Summer 2017
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