Nikos Voyiatzis

educational design portfolio

Cavafy and digital art practises

A workshop series in collaboration with poet Theodoros Chiotis, commissioned by the Cavafy Archive in Athens.

How can we approach Cavafys work through digital, remix, net art, interactive practises?

- The death of the author and birth of the reader.
- Remixing in digital and non digital forms.
- Performing the archive with sound, image, textx, body.
- Creating an interactive artist book that reacts to users.
- Exhibiting the outcomes at OCC.

Net art, poetry and e poetry, archival practises and remix where used as methods.

- Participants: highschool students. Athens Experimental Highschool, Public Highschool of Kastoria.

- Links: - Date: Winter and Spring 2017

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