Nikos Voyiatzis

educational design portfolio

Audiovisual experiments in the browser.

Workshop for Athens Digital Arts festival .

Under the theme of the festival which was ~digital pop~ participants explored the historical conditions that facilitated the transition from the analogue computer to the digital, and from there to the network, in order to produce a-v browser based reflective works.

John Whitney and his computer, Vince Mc Kelvie and browser based animation.

- How did John Whitney transform a war technology into a creative one?
-Which scientific and technological developments are important to consider to contextualise av arts?
- Designing av works in the browser with webgl, rendered real time!
- John Whitney, Lilian Schwarz, Vince Mc Kelvie, Thereisamajorprobleminaustralia, V5mt, Andrew Benson

- Participants: adults

- Links: Date: Spring 2016

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