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>>> ARCHIVES IN TRANSIT Curated and organised for OCC, Onassis Library, Cavafy Archives and travelogues.gr. Educational programs for students, educators, educational material and new archival forms under investigation!

Welcome to the website of Thereisamajorprobleminaustralia. I am an artist, librarian, media designer and educator. My website is based on appropriating and remixing the site of DOGMA3000. In Process.

this is(?) the best place to find up-to-date information on work, research, workshops, collaboration and more!

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CAMERAS IN BOILER ROOM. CLASSIFICATION, PARTICIPATORY CONTROL AND THE NEW ELECTRONIC NORMAL. presented at Lowerparts Studio Athens and at Panteion Univ, Anthropology of visual cultures .
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Archives in transit. From the world of libraries to artificial intelligence. Autumn 2019, Athens

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Initiated by Lidia Pereira. We collaborate in the editorial-publishing of the Union' s Zine. Lidia: http://majesticmoo.se
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