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Welcome to the website of Thereisamajorprobleminaustralia. I am an artist, librarian, media designer and educator based in Athens. My website is based on appropriating and remixing the site of DOGMA3000. In Process.

this is(?) the best place to find up-to-date information on work, research, workshops, collaboration and more!

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CAMERAS IN BOILER ROOM. CLASSIFICATION, PARTICIPATORY CONTROL AND THE NEW ELECTRONIC NORMAL. presented at Lowerparts Studio Athens and at Panteion Univ, Anthropology of visual cultures .
>>> presentation lecture




Imagine the Psycho Borgs- in residency on pf's Facebook page from 7/6-7/16 SEE PAGE HERE http://cyborgs.peripheralforms.com/thereisamajorprobleminaustralia/ SEE FIRST EPISODE HERE https://www.facebook.com/pg/peripheralforms/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1931072947183849

Pervasive Labour Union. Initiated by Lidia Pereira. We collaborate in the editorial-publishing of the Union' s Zine. Lidia: http://majesticmoo.se
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Imagine the Psycho Borgs cross platform experiment with sketchup 3models into fc albums, gifs and a-v animation.S
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The effect of the list offline! 3d A-V browser based interface in versions...
>>> see documentation

Cross platform studies:Hypersubjective spaces Practise based research in the 3d warehouse archive. >>> check

mouchette.org Worked with Martine Neddam on preserving the database and all back end codes and other programmed elements of . Our collaboration includes research, practise, fixing issues in the website, saving remains from the web, reconstructing websites through online archives and memories, and many more things.
>>> Check out mouchette.org

Listen to the third episode of the podcast of the Institute of Network Cultures, in which Miriam Rasch and Geert Lovink discuss the politics of the database with Kenneth Werbin and Nikos Voyiatzis, zooming in on the power of listing technologies and the need to crack open the list.
>>> Listen to the Zero Infinite #3 – Listing Technology podcast

VJ >>> check

>>> gifs

cyborgjungle: music for extreme users
>>> check

cameras in boiler room: research, lecture, blog

fb after fb: what if facebook decides to take gifs seriously?

platform studies PREZI ART >>> check

platform studies NEW HIVE >>> check

contemporary openness of identity essay >>> open.info, ed. St. Clark

html poetry >>> check

reenacting Madcatlady^s TOTALLY ADRIFT >>> check

the user profile as media object: research on platform studies, animation, essay. >>> check

platform as gallery, hypersubjective spaces
>>> talk

human becoming post information: research, essay.

The effect of the list
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preservation and conservation in art libraries
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preserving mouchette.org
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Preserving net art. Artistic intention and audience experience into the future.
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The search interface and Magic
>>> Session for Science festival: googlecadabras!

Workshop for Teens on Digital Media and Online Art. What's the biggest museum in the world? Do you know? The Internet! As the visual artist Nikos Voyiatzis introduces you to the talented exponents of Net Art, you get to apply their methods and experiment with creating your own works!
>>> SGT-Onassis Cultural center

Remix and 3d user generated content workshop. workshop for elementary school students at a public shool in Holargos, Athens.

Science fiction, a journey into the unknown.
>>> Workshops for all school levels, Onassis cultural center.

Tomorows, urban fictions for possible futures. I designed and implemented workshops for all school levels. Modules included: Animating urban infastructures with user generated archival material, The global city and the global archive, Investigating 3d models of future cities.
>>> Tomorows, urban fictions

Collaborative art practises. >>> A monthly course for young students around digital art and collaborative practises in the browser.

Remixing Cavafy. In collaboration with Theodoros Chiotis and the Cavafy Archive.
>>> Cavafy and new media. Workshops for Cafavy archive in Athens.

>>> Workshops for the exhibition Hybrids by Ars electronica and OCC.

Net art and science
>>> Workshops for students, Athens Science Festival and OCC.

Digital Revolution
>>> Workshops for all school levels, for the exhibition Digital Revolution by Barbican and OCC.

AV experiments in the browser
>>> Workshops for adults, at the Athens digital arts festival.

Remixing websites. In collaboration with Maria Varela.
>>> Workshops for teens and public libraries in Athens.

Information literacy Instructor.Elementary School, Athens College.



>>> ...

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